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Using a capo to cha...
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Using a capo to change song key....

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Hi folks,
I know there's a couple of articles on capos & song keys by David on here, but i'm having trouble putting it all together. Basically, there is a song (
that has chords such as Bb, Eb, Cm, etc.
Changing it to a different key would be simpler for some of us instead of using chords like Bb, Eb, etc. But in order to know what fret to put the capo on, I have to know what key the song is in, right?

And once that is done, for example if I put the capo on the 3rd fret, how do i know what the chords get transposed to? Ie. Bb -> G, etc.

Any pointers, advice, help would be appreciated.

Dan Lasley
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Methinks you've already got it.

You are correct that putting the capo 3 frets up moves the chords 3 half-steps down. So the song is now played G C Am.

Knowing the key makes it easier to make the changes, but "doing it by hand" works well too.

For example, did you consider capo-1? That would have been A D Bm, but some folk don't like to fret Bm.

As noted in David's columns, there are also voicing issues. The D is played on 4 strings, and the C on 5 strings:
From lowest to highest tones:
Root Root
5th 5th
8va 8va
3rd 3rd

That extra 3rd is important to the sound of the chord.

Keep it up, you're going in the right direction.


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This won't help you with the capo but it's a really handy tool for changing the key and chords of a song.

And here's a capo conversion chart.

Tim Madsen
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Thanks very much both of you. I'll keep working at it. Good to know i'm on the right track ;-)