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Using a Capo to low...
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Using a Capo to lower the action on a Nylon Classical

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Just had a thought to lower the action of my 'inherited' guitar without taking a file to the nut....

if i down tune using the flat setting on the tuner, then place the capo on fret 1...the guitar is back to standard tuning? With a lower action....

I just need to add one if the piece calls for capo on 7, so i would use 8.

Would leaving the capo on 1 cause any damage to the guitar, ( i'm not totally precious about the guitar - it just can't afford a new one right now....)

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Shouldn't do it any harm. One of the girls at our local open mic has a 12-string acoustic downtuned a semi with a capo on 1.

A :-)

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It might damage the capo... but just leave it off when you're not playing it, it won't harm the guitar leaving it in that tuning without a capo on it.


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I have a guitar that I play when I don't want to take my good ones out that I have to use a capo on because the action is too high. It works fine using the capo to lower the action. As Nathan says though, you probably want to take the capo off when not playing it. Good luck.

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if a capo fixes the problem, then the nut is def the problem. why not file it? tuning down and lowering the tension will change the feel of the strings and the timbre. esp on a classical, lower tension would not seem to be a plus, as it would on a 12 string.

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