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walking bassline

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i'm not too sure on how to come up with them. i'm wanting to try and figure out what to do to go from A to D. would it be B C# D? if so could somebody tell me where those notes are on the fretboard?

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So when i'm goin from A to D I'm a noob but I do what they do in the Johnny Cash I walk The Line ie. Open 5 String A, Second fret 5 string B , Fourth fret 5 string C# ,open 4 string D, strum D chord...reverse back to A and you're there. So yeah you got it.

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Anybody got a link to a few videos?

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You've got the notes right (and they work because they are taken from the A major and/or D major scale) and Robbie's got the right location for them. Since you're talking bass lines, you obviously want the lowest A to D possible and that means using the notes on either the A string and D string (as pointed out) or finding them on the low E string:

A - fifth fret, low E string

B - seventh fret, low E string

C# - ninth fret, low E string

D - tenth fret, low E string

It hasn't been mentioned yet, but you can also find the D at the fifth fret of the A string. But you probably already know that from tuning your guitar.

Don't be afraid to test out your ears on a task like this. Hunting out the notes yourself is a good way to get some confidence exploring your guitar.

And don't forget you can always go back the way you came, namely reverse your bass line from D to A.