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weird sound.

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when i play a note at say, the 14th fret g string, it sounds fine. when i play a note at the 14th fret b string, it too sounds fine, but if i play these two together, i get a horrible sound that just doesnt sound right to me, its like the note vibrations are being pulled apart and im sure something is wrong. it doesnt really matter what frets it is, but if its two higher notes played together, this sound rings away. please help, this is absolutely driving me crazy... this is a link to a wmv file i made of the sound. dont worry, there are no viruses. thanks for your time.

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I couldn't open the file because I have too high a level of security in my new computer.

Anyhow, if the guitar is in tune, then your problem is intonation, which is set at the individual saddles.

More scientifically, it is about the precise length of each string. It is a fine art, getting them right. Once fretted, especially in the upper register, those high notes can be dissonant or seem "out" of pitch. It's because they aren't in true pitch. :!: :?:

This reference is okay, saves too much writing here. Fretted instrument:

Before taking that any further, as in "adjusting it" or going to a tech, it is always wise to change strings and break them in.

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Havent been on this form for a few months...... :(

Not sure if I want to download that after 10 ads popped up and congratulated me......
Maybe use soundcloud or something?

My suggestion would be to take a tuner and play the 14th fret on G and B strings.
G should be A and the B string should be C#. Then report back!

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