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weird sound

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Ive been playing the guitar for almost a month now and I find that sometimes when I do an upstroke I get a weird buzzing sound. Any advice?

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Is there a fly in the room?

(sorry, feeling silly today)

Are we talking about an electric or acoustic guitar?


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The pick is probably tilted a bit.

I've been playing for about 10 months now. I had this same problem with my upstrokes. My downstrokes sounded great, but the upstrokes...gross.

You're probably angling the pick like this / when you downstroke. And when you upstrike it's probably still like / this...and that's not good at all.

straighten the pick out like this |. And keep your strumming hand steady, and consistent. Obviously you can angle it a little bit. Different strums call for different styles of strumming.

Good luck.

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Try to make sure you're fretting fingers are in place and putting enough pressure on the strings. When you notice the buzz, stop and slowly try your upstroke to check the sound of the chord. Check the pressure on the ring and pinkie as they are usually the weaker fingers when we start out. Good luck.