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What Fun Can I have...
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What Fun Can I have With a 12 String?

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So, a friend is lending me one for a week to use and i'm chompin' at the bit waiting to get my hands on it. Figured I would start playing what I already know on my 6 string, then hunt down a song (easy) that is particularily suited to it.

I'm taking suggestions on what to do!!

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Listen to old Leadbelly stuff.

How about Where Did You Sleep Last Night? That's a classic. Kurt Cobain covered it in his last concert. Zillions of bluegrass players do warp-speed versions thinking it's a bluegrass original. (A.K.A. In The Pines)

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Run away with that 12-string. :twisted:

Well, there is lot of fun you can have with a 12ver. An song with rhythm guitar background will do good.

Enjoy !

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Read David Hodge's lesson "Double Your Pleasure" which you can find on the GN home page (search for it.) It has an excellent arrangement of the Allman Bros. song "Melissa" and you will learn a lot about "open" chord voicings for 12-string guitar. Even if you don't know the song, I highly recommend it!

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Here's the link to David's article:

Double Your Pleasure. I have an electric 12-string and enjoy it immensely!

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And don't forget Wish You Were Here!

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Some of the old Byrds stuff, I think McGuinn is the guy who really made the 12 popular in modern music. Unfortunately I can't get mine to sound like his, and its not just because he had a Ric.

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how 'bout the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, by Gordon Lightfoot? Its A4-Em-G-D with a capo on the second fret. great song to play on a 12 string.