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What kind of Guitar? (Warning, Images)

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Well, I am very new to guitars. Recently I just decided to start learning how to play one, no idea where to start :P. Instead of buying a guitar I found out my great grandpa or grandpa had one, he made it himself. I'm not sure if it's usable or it's outdated. I really want to know if I can still use it/it's good. Thanks so much :D. I'll post pics of it.

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It would appear to be a 12 string Mandolin, or Mandriola.

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Hi Markus,

You're very lucky to have a lovely instrument like that with such strong family connections. Truly something to treasure. Impossible to say how well it will play now, but there's no reason why it couldn't be very usable. I would resist the temptation to risk spoiling it by mucking around with trying to 'restore' it yourself, and at least get an opinion from somebody with experience with older instruments first - preferably a professional.

There are many variations on similar themes (we have a 'banjolin' that was adapted by my wife's grandfather from a crossover model that was made in that style) and they all have their uses. Here's a link to a site with a huge variety of instruments if you want to look for a close match, or something with similar features.

Atlas of Plucked Instruments

As Katmetal says, it does look like a 12 string mandolin, but it might also be known by a different regional name, depending on where the builder's inspiration came from. Citterns and early guitars can look similar too. I've seen 'octave mandolins' with very similar body shapes, but the ones I saw didn't happen to have 12 strings. Interesting instrument... :)



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Wow, I have no idea what it is but what a beauty!