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I've learned a few basic chords but I'm struggling with changing chords quick enough. I'm sure this is typical newbie stuff but would you guys recommend that I work on switching smoothly between the 4 chords I know or should I continue learning more chords? What worked best for you guys?

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try the beginner lessons on this site
and PRACTICE I'm afraid is the only way to get smoother

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I agree that practicing is the main answer. Just stick with it. Personally, I practiced fingerstyle early on which helped (only having to worry about one note instead of 4-6) along with practicing chords. But I think you can practice learning new chords as well as changing smoothly.

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it doesn't matter which you work on first--new chords or changing chords of the ones you already know. or find a simple song that's slow and has two or three chords and work on that (beginners songs here.)