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What to get a guitarist

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I am so sorry if this is uncalled for, but I am a little lost... my boyfriend is a psychedelic/bulesy inspired guitarist and I have no idea what to get him for his bday! I tried prying info from him on what type of reasonably priced gear he would want and he said an ebow, or a kit to make his own fuzz pedal. Clearly I know nothing about either of these and was just wondering if I could get any feed back on some cool gear ideas or advice when shopping for either of these...

Thank you so much and again I am sorry if this is out of line

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E-bow - listen to early Big Country - a great gadget but not particularly exciting on its own.

You should be able to get a kit to make a fuzz pedal from a good electronics shop; there can't be anything that's much more fun than taking your own construction on stage.

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Here's the "Amazing Ebow" page.