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What to look for in a teacher?

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I'm sure this is different for everyone, but the idea of having a lesson every week, for me at least, would be fairly counter productive.

I'm pretty motivated to learn and I practice every day, at least an hour and usually more. My practice routine isn't as regimented as it might be - I warm up with some scales, work on some chords for a few minutes and then play the songs I'm working on. I noodle. Etc....

And every couple of months I call my friend who plays really well and say something like, "Okay, I'm kind of at a place where I think a lesson would do me some good." This usually happens when I've gotten past being stuck on something and need to get moving in a new direction or have gotten stuck on something and need some help getting out of the rut.

Thing is, I'm pretty self motivated so I don't need the deadline imposed by an upcoming lesson to keep me on task. And while a teacher pointing out what I'm doing wrong/right on a weekly basis probably would help me move along faster, I'm moving fast enough to be happy.

This isn't so good for a teacher who makes their living giving lessons and needs predictability with regard to their income. So I wouldn't be surprised if this kind of arrangement only works casually among friends. But that said, for me it's been very effective.

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if they are not bald, or balding, they need to resemble Frank Zappa.
There really is no middle ground on this.


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Students sure come in all flavours... :)

A friend of mine, who teaches, has one student who he despairs of. The pupil is a young lad whose parents are keen for him to have lessons, but who seems to have no aptitude whatever for learning. Pete describes him as being "like a plank with eyes..." :shock:

'The Plank' looks doggedly - but blankly - at Pete for the half hour and then turns up next week in exactly the same place as he was last time...

Pete says he'd like to find a way of suggesting to his folks that maybe the lad's just not cut out for the musical life, but dad is so keen and enthusiastic about it all he just can't find the words to say it.. :cry:
if they are not bald, or balding, they need to resemble Frank Zappa.
There really is no middle ground on this.

Pete has a completely shaved head so clearly this student/teacher problem isn't his fault. :P

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UrbanCowgirl, since you live in Cincinnati, I might be able to offer a little help. I've been taking lessons up in Liberty Township for about three years now from a teacher who will work with you on what you hope to accomplish. He'll suggest things to work on if you're at a loss, but he'll readily work on whatever you want to work on. I could put you in touch with him if you're interested. His students range from 40-something beginners and experts to young teens. One of his ex-students has won several Grammy awards for production work and one is just happy to be able to play along with Neil Young and Green Day mp3's in the upstairs office (that would be me). Just let me know.


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