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What's That Effect

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Hey Team- I'm looking for an electric guitar effect and don't know what it's called. It's the effect that kind of makes it sound like the notes are being played backwards. The beginning of the note is kind of silenced, and the note is distorted and grows brighter after its hit. It almost sounds kind of "devilish" I guess, but it's a perfect fit for a song I'm writing. I will try to think of a song where i've heard it- I think Brian May might have used it occassionally... any help would be great!
Thanks in advance-

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I have a delay pedal that has a setting that plays the input backwards. in the early days before digital, recordings were accomplish on a tape recorded. the Beatles would run parts of the recording backwards for effect.
get a pedal or an old reel to reel.

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you can get that swelled effect by using your pinky on the volume knob, picking the note then moving the knob, or using a volume pedal with the same technique. i have a subdecay prometheus auto-wah, and you can also get a similar effect with certain settings, where you only hear a bass rumble at first, then the treble follows.

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roland/boss slow gear also does volume swells automagically...
hope that helps