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Which is harder

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Playing guitar with small fingers or large? I have huge Hands!

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Both will do just fine.

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Hendrix had huge hands and it didn't bother him. At worst you might need a guitar with a wider neck than the strats you're looking at.

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I've found that it's best to have a large hand for fretting and a small hand for's also nice to have a third, medium-sized hand for fingerpicking.

Don't forget the small hand with the long ring finger for slide guitar. :P

Just practice - they're your hands, you'll know what to do! :D


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i don't think this is something u can worry about because you're stuck with them

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I also hve very big hands, with long thin fingers - I've found it an advantage rather tan a disadvantage. When I was a little kid, I was told I had a pianist's fingers - I wanted to give them back, I wanted to play guitar....

You don't say whether you've got thin or thick fingers, but there are advantages to both, especially playing barre chords... although people with small fingers often manage to play a blues shuffle, even though it's a 5-fret's just easier with big hands!

Leslie West of Mountain fame is one guitarist I can think of who had really big fingers - try looking for some videos of him on youtube.

:D :D :D


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Both have their advantages and disadvantages...

IMHO the physical properties of big hands, thin fingers would, in theory, be an advantage, but everyone still has to learn how to use them efficiently...

Many years ago as a beginner, my mother got told by her guitar teacher that she had the wrong type of hands for playing guitar... so she accepted his opinion as fact and quit playing.

.... More like the wrong type of TEACHER!!!!!!!

Django had his left (fretting) hand disfigured in a fire when he was 18 or so.... didn't stop him becoming one of the greatest guitar players EVER....

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Chuck Berry's another guitarist famous for the size of his hands.

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