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Which method is better?

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What method produces better results, trying to hear music in you're head and then finding it on the guitar or just experimenting and seeing what sounds you can produce playing chord forms up and down the neck or using a scale, etc.

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Especially with music/art, one method of creation is not better than another. When writing songs, I frequently rely on both these methods as I find them very compatible and useful for each other. One picks up where the other leaves off.

"Better" is subjective and relative, like art. Therefore, the "best" approach at that moment is to pursue the method the gives you what You feel gets you great results. When that method stops serving you, leave it and pursue a alternative method.

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Hi Matt!

I would definitely go with experimenting and jamming on the guitar. This will get YOUR creative juice flowing be better in the long term. :-) All the best! -Henry

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How long is a piece of string??

Everyone is different, and we all work things out in different ways. I bet if you broached that subject to someone that's written 100's of songs professionally, and gave them those two options that would answer with Yes... bolth

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