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Young Picker in nee...
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Young Picker in need of help

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Hello Everyone
I'm new to site
I'm looking for constructive criticism, wisdom, and anything to get better

the link above is a little 12 bar section i've just completed

feel free to comment

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Hi Buk and Welcome to GuitarNoise. I listened to your clip, nothing to criticize really, you did well. Maybe a little short. :D

If you want to get better you need to study and practice constantly. That is really the only secret there is. Check out the Beginners Songs on the Home Page, that is a great place to start. There are lots of good lessons here that will get you on your way. And there are plenty of helpful folks here if you've ever got a question about playing guitar.


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Hi Buk,

You're off to a good start.

Your timing could be a little tighter, it still sounds like you're not quite locked into the rhythm. Otherwise, not too shabby.

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Hey Buk I thought it was just great...keep it up ....Bro