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Your First Song?

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The first full song that I managed to learn and play so that someone else besides me could recognize it is Paranoid by Black Sabbath, can't play the solo yet though... :)

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Not sure which you'd technically call "first", but it'd be either Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead) from an online tab, or else Wish You Were Here from a GN lesson.

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" King of the NIght Time World " by Kiss

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The first complete song I learned was Blackbird by the Beatles. The real version, not the one that's in a lesson on this site. That version is easier than the real one. It's all fingerpicking, and I'd been playing around 2 months when I finally got the song down.

Interesting. I read a interview with Macca in which he claimed the original Blackbird was not "real" fingerpicking, as he didn't know how to do "proper" fingerpicking when he wrote and played it. Instead, he used a sort of mixed pluck and strum. In any case, it still came out pretty well for him.

My first was Wipeout. Barre chording: Smoke on the Water. Fingerstyle: Play Me (N. Diamond). And all those tunes were relatively new at the time. :wink:

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I like to set myself up for failure.... Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Took a loooooooong time to get it down.

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