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Best of my love - eagles

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The best of my love by the Eagles
edit: i now see its already in the ESD, but this version is different enough to be accepted?

A beautifull song and not to difficult, 2 simple bar chords - coming from the Fmaj7/D hold ring on D string and slide
to the 9th fret then land middle and stretch point finger, now you've got a Em7,
slide 2 frets back and a Dm7 is now part of your bag of chords.
The run on the G7 is optional, a plain strum will work just a fine.

Intro : C C [Fmaj7/D] [Fmaj7/D]

[C]Every night, I'm [C]lying in bed,
[Fmaj7/D]holding you close in my [Fmaj7/D]dreams
[C]Thinking about all the [C]things that we said, and
[Fmaj7/D]coming apart at the seams [Fmaj7/D]
[Em7]We tied to talk it o[Dm7]ver, but the
[Em7]words come out too rough[F/G slow strum]
[C]I know you were trying to [Fmaj7/D]give me the best of your [C]love [G7]
[C]Beautiful faces, and [C]loud empty places,
[Fmaj7/D]look at the way that we [Fmaj7/D]live
[C] Wasting our time on [C]cheap talk and wine,
[Fmaj7/D] left us so little to give [Fmaj7/D] That
[Em7]same old crowd was like a [Dm7]cold dark cloud that
[Em7]we could never rise abov[F/G] But
[C]But here in my heart, I [Fmaj7/D]give you the best of my [C]love [G7]
Oh-oh-oh oh[C]hhh, sweet dar[C]lin',
[Fmaj7/D] you get the best of my [Fmaj7/D] love
Oh-oh-oh oh[C]hhh, sweet dar[C]lin',
[Fmaj7/D] you get the best of my [Fmaj7/D] love
[Fm7] I'm going [Fm7] back in time and
[Cmaj7] it's a sweet dream It was a
[Fm7]quiet night and I would [Fm7] be all right if I could go
[Dm7] go on [G7] sleeping But
[C]every morning I [C] wake up and worry,
[Fmaj7/D] what's gonna [Fmaj7/D] happen today?
[C] You see it your way, and [C] I see it mine, but we
[Fmaj7/D] both see it slipping [Fmaj7/D] away
[Em7] You know we always had each [Dm7] other baby,
[Em7] I guess that wasn't eno[F/G] ugh; o-o-ohh But
[C] here in my heart, I [Fmaj7/D] give you the best of my [c] love [G7]
[C] ohhhh, sweet dar[C] lin'
[Fmaj7/D] you get the best of my [Fmaj7/D] love WHOAA
[Cmaj7] ohhhh, sweet dar[Cmaj7] lin',
[Fmaj7/D] you get the best of my [Fmaj7/D] love
[repeat & fade]

Struming D Du uDu : for the C and Fmaj7/D hammer down after first strum and play second strum the full chord.

F/G Fmaj7/D Em7 Dm7 Cmaj7 C
E 1 0 0 7 5 0 0 0
B 1 0h1 8 6 0 0h
G 2 0h2 7 5 0 0 0
D 3 3 3 9 7 2 0h2
A x x x 7 6 3 3 3
E 3 x x x x 3 x x

G7 run
3 3 1 1 0 0 - 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3
0 0 2 2 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 3 –

well i hope you enjoy.
Best Ron

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Great post Ron! Such a great song.

One quick trick to spice it up a little bit that I was thinking about: On those C - Fmaj7 sections, play the first chord of each measure without the index and middle fingers, and then add them on for the rest of the chords that measure. It would look something like

C Fmaj7
e:--0--0-- ... --0--0-- ...
B:--0--1-- ... --0--1-- ...
G:--0--0-- ... --0--2-- ...
D:--0--2-- ... --3--3-- ...
B:--3--3-- ... --x--x-- ...
E:--x--x-- ... --x--x-- ...

It gives it a little more of the sound from the recording...but definitely not necessary.

[edit] I just noticed that you tabbed that in on your chord diagrams...doh! my bad!

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