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Corrina Corrina
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Corrina Corrina

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A nice, simple traditional 12 bar blues tune.

Strum Pattern is DU DU (typical blues shuffle) with the accent on the downstroke.

[E]My Cor-ri-na, where ya been so long?

[E]Oh my cor-[A]ri-na where ya been so [E]long?

[E]Ain't had no [B7]lov-ing since you been [E]gone

that's all folks. Questions, suggestions, helpful tips are welcome.  ;D

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Man, I love your name: "TwistedFingers"
I feel like that most the time.

Anyway, thanks for the Corrina post. I thru in an 'A7' wherever you had an 'A' and got a tad more bluezzy sound.

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Well, I like this song so much I did some research on the web and found this. I love singing in 'D' and that change from 'D' to 'D7' and into 'G' is awhsome sounding to me.


(D) I love Corrina, tell the world I do…(D7)
I love Cor (G) rina, tell the world I (D) do
Just a little more (A7) lovin, Let your heart beat (D) true

(D) Corrina, Corrina, Where've you been so long?…(D7)
Corrina, Cor (G) rina, Where've you been so (D) long?
Ain't had no (A7) lovin, Since you've been (D) gone

(D) Corrina, Corrina, where'd you stay last night?…(D7)
Corrina, Cor (G) rina, where'd you stay last (D) night?
Came home this (A7) moring' with you're hair not looking' (D) right

(D) Goodbye Corrina, This is fare thee well…(D7)
Goodbye Cor (G) ina, This is fare thee (D) well
When I get back, (A7) babe, lawd you never can (D) tell

(D) I met Corrina, far across the sea…(D7)
I met Cor (G) rina, far across the (D) sea
She didn't write (A7) me no letter, she doesn't care for (D) me

(D) I love Corrina, I'll tell the world I do…(D7)
I love Cor (G) rina, I'll tell the world I (D) do
Can't what'll Corrina, (A7) says, “I love you (D) too”