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Csmart01 asked for this one You Got The Silver

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Took a bit for me to find it but at last here it is

You Got The Silver
Let It Bleed

Open D tuning Capo at 3rd and break out a slide if you want to do it like the Stones. Just a side note, A second guitar in Nashville Tuning playing barred chords behind the slide sounds really good.

Almost the whole song is based on two chords, an F and a Bb
So, with the Capo on the third fret the F is an open chord (Not fretted), Alternate between a slide down to the 8th for your Bb and playing it in this position

The Intro goes like this:

D |-------|--------3-3---------------|------------3-3-----|
A |-------|--------------------------|--------------------|
D |-----8-|-(8)-------------------8-|-(8)---------------|
F# |-3-/8--|--8----------3----3-/8---|--8--------------3-|
A |-------|--------------------------|--------------------|
D |-------|--------------------------|--------------------|

These slides should be really "Greasy" sounding, not sure exactly how to explain that concept, but you kind of want a "Cat in Heat" sound

Verse goes like this:
Hey babe, what's in your eyes? I saw them
D |-------|-----------3------------------|----------3---------------------|
A |---5---|-------------3------------5---|------------3----------------3/-|
D |-4---4-|4p3-3-------------------4---4-|4p3-3------------------------3/-|
F# |-------|-------3-------3---3----------|-------3------3---3----------3/-|
A |-------|------------------------------|-----------------------------3/-|
D |-------|------------------------------|--------------------------------|

Bb F
flashing, like airplane lights You fill my
D |------------------------------|-----------3--------------------|
A |-/8---------------------------|----------------------------3---|
D |-/8----------------------8-8--|-8-3---------------------3---3-|
A |-/8----------------------8-8--|-8-----------------------------|
D |------------------------------|--------------------------------|

Bb F
cup babe, that's for sure But I must come
D |-3----------------------------|-----------3--------------------|
A |-5------------------------5---|--------------------------------|
D |-4----------------------4---4-|4p3-3---------------------------|
A |-5----------------------------|--------------------------------|
D |------------------------------|--------------------------------|
back for a little more
D |-3----------------------------|-3------------------------------|
A |-5----------------------------|-5------------------------------|
D |-4----------------------------|-4------------------------------|
A |-5----------------------------|-5------------------------------|
D |------------------------------|--------------------------------|

Now comes the turnaround: If your doing this with 2 guitars the 2nd one doesn't play duringthe turn around

D |-------------------|-------------------------|
A |-------------------|-------------------------|
D |-8--8---5--5--3----|-3---3-3---3--3---3------|
A |-----------------5-|-3h5---3h5----3----------|
D |-------------------|----------------------3--|

2nd Verse played the same followed by the Break:

C C C C C G# F
D |------------------|----------------|----|
A |------------------|----------------|----|
D |-10---X-10---/10--|-X-10--/10--/6--|-3--|
A |-10---X-10---/10--|-X-10--/10--/6--|-3--|
D |-10---X-10---/10--|-X-10--/10--/6--|-3--|

Follow the verse/turnaround pattern to the end of the song and then we get to the Big Finale

C C C C C C G# F
D |--------------|--------------|--------------|---------|
A |--------------|--------------|--------------|---------|
D |-10--X--/10--|-10--X--/10--|-10--X--/10--|-/6---3--|
A |-10--X--/10--|-10--X--/10--|-10--X--/10--|-/6---3--|
D |-10--X--/10--|-10--X--/10--|-10--X--/10--|-/6---3--|

And there you have it.

Here are the additional verses:

You got my heart, you got my soul
You got the silver, you got the gold
You got the diamonds, from the mines
And that`s all right, it`ll buy some time

Tell me honey, what should I do
When I am hungry, and thirsty too
Feeling foolish, and that`s for sure
Just waiting here, at your kitchen door

Hey baby, what`s in your eyes
Is that the diamonds, from the mines
What`s that laughing, in your smile
I don`t care, no I don`t care

Oh baby, you got the soul
You got the silver, you got the gold
A flash of love, just made me blind
I don`t care, no that`s no big surprise

Immature? Of course I'm immature Einstein, I'm 50 and in a Rock and ROll band.

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:D :D :D

Vic Lewis VL
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Nice job, Ron. Well laid out and easy to follow.

This is one of the few tracks on "Let It Bleed" I've never managed to work out - the only downside is, I can't afford another guitar to keep in open D.......

:D :D :D


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