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Drive - The Cars (B...
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Drive - The Cars (Beg. barre chords)

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....So I'm in one of those Dollar General, Dollar Tree, etc. type stores looking for some little plastic cowboys and indians for my son, and this song comes on the store sound system. I started thinking, "You know, I'll bet that would make a great acoustic song...", and you know what? It does! So after a little searching on the internet, here you go. Enjoy. This song is particularly good if you are trying to learn barre chords because it includes two, an F#m and a B, which are pretty common and the barre is at the 2nd fret in both so you can concentrate on getting the "other fingers" right after the index is placed. Enjoy...

The Cars
Capo 2
Amaj7: [x02120] F#m (barre): [244222] B (barre): [224442]

Intro.: A Amaj7 A Amaj7 A

A Amaj7 A Amaj7 A
Who's gonna tell you when it's too late?
A Amaj7 A Amaj7
Who's gonna tell you things aren't so great?

F#m B F#m B A
You can't go on thinking...nothing's wrong
A Amaj7 A Amaj7 A
Who's gonna drive you home tonight?

A Amaj7 A Amaj7 A
Who's gonna pick you up when you fall?
A Amaj7 A Amaj7 A
Who's gonna hang it up when you call?
A Amaj7 A Amaj7 A
Who's gonna pay attention to your dreams?
A Amaj7 A Amaj7
Who's gonna plug their ears when you scream?


A Amaj7 A Amaj7 A
Who's gonna hold you down when you shake?
A Amaj7 A Amaj7
Who's gonna come around when you break?

{Chorus}(drop the last Amaj7-A in chorus above. go straight from A to F#m)

Ohhh, {Chorus}

John A.

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Great song, thanks for the post!

I'm trying to play this one right now (beginner that I am), but I'm using the following chords:
A [577600]
Amaj7 [477600]
B [799800]

I think this way sounds closer to the original, and of course, there's only one barre chord to worry about now.

I'm using a strumming pattern like this:

Don't know how to notate that properly, but the beats in paretheses are what I'm NOT playing... Any pointers on how to write that out properly would be cool...


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I've always really liked this song, but never tried to play it. Thanks for the post Dustdevil! 8) :D


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