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Easiest Eagles Song
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Easiest Eagles Song

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Whats the easiest Eagles song (in your opinion)?

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Already Gone is very easy. Just 3 chords

I think Tequila Sunrise is easy. The first little riff is different, but not difficult.


For this little riff, hold a G chord with your middle finger on the
6th string, and your ring finger on the 1st. Use your index finger
to play the E note on the 4th string, and your pinky to play the F#
on the 4th string. After this the song is just D Major, A minor, E minor,
and C Major chords. The other chords are played in this same
alternating Bass/Strum style.

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Take it easy is pretty simple - Lying Eyes is a little more difficult but they are both "first position" chords only.........

HMMMMMMM - I feel an Eagles tab coming on...........

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That's hilarious Wes. I though you said put your middle on the 6th and index on the 1st. I was in disbelief so I got my guitar and could not do that. Then I tried my thumb on the 6th and middle on the 1st. That was okay but I don't like clawing the guitar and would be fatiguing. Finally I tried it the way you actually explained and it worked. Then I reread your description and found out that's the way to do it. Nice fingering.

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When I play it on an acoustic, I hit all first six of those notes without hammering, and play a G5, D5 & C5 chord.

1/E |--------------------------||-----------------------------|
2/B |--------------------------||-----------------------------|
3/G |-------0h2p0-4---2--------||-----------------------------|
4/D |-0h2h4-------5---0---5----||----------------------5-7-5~~|
5/A |---------------------3----||--------5-7-5~~3--5/7--------|
6/E |--------------------------||-3--5/7----------------------|

E doesn't = MC2, E = Fb

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Someone please post Take it Easy, I have a jam coming up and they want to play that song.

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I posted the chords here months ago and others have added intros etc.



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Not exact tabbing but good on acoustic:

Just strum:

Or pick strings individually as shown here (or at random as you like)

The only issue are the two barre chords but other than that it's pretty easy.


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In the city.

3 chords, and a very easy strumming pattern.

Sadly it's been so long since I've played it that I have no idea what the chords are anymore.

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Peaceful Easy Feeling: maybe 5 chords. I play it with just a straight DDUUD rythem. Throw some palm mutes in and it sounds great. So it would be like D*UU* or D*UUD with the * denoting muted beats.