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Ferry Across The Me...
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Ferry Across The Mersey - Gerry and the Pacemakers.

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So me old mate Dogsbody asked for this one - knowing I'm a huge fan of all things Merseybeat, I didn't need too much persuading!

Ferry Across The Mersey - Gerry and the Pacemakers.

Hmm, maybe this should be filed under "intermediate songs" rather than easy songs....
Lot of barre chords, for sure - I've watched the video on youtube.

Possibly there's an easier way to play this - more on that later.

Chords used.....

E.......x79997 - in the verses and choruses.
E*......022100 - use this version in the bridge with 2-3-4 fingering
B7*....797877 - use this for the last chord in the bridge section.

OK, the intro riff first - I THINK this is pretty close to what Gerry's doing....
E Bm7 E Bm7
E |-------7-------7--|
B |---9---7---9---7--|
G |---9---7---9---7--|
D |---9---7---9---7--|
A |-7---9---7---9----|
E |------------------|

This pattern's repeated throughout the verses. It's a little tricky at first to play
it and sing at the same time, but it DOES get easier with practise.

Verse 1 - use intro riff throughout:

(E)Life(Bm7)(E) goes on (Bm7)day after (E)day, (Bm7)(E)(Bm7)
(E)Hearts(Bm7)(E) torn in (Bm7)every (E)way, (Bm7)(E)(Bm7)


So (E)ferry 'cross the (G#m)Mersey,
'Cause this (F#m)land's the place I (B7)love,
And here I'll (E)stay.(Bm7)(E)(Bm7) (Note; use the intro riff for the Em and B7 chords.)

Verse 2 - use intro riff throughout.

People they rush everywhere,
Each with their own secret care,


So (E)ferry 'cross the (G#m)Mersey,
'Cause this (F#m)land's the place I (B7)love,
And here I'll (E)stay. (Bm7)(E)(Bm7)(Note; use the intro riff for the Em and B7 chords.)


(F#m)People a(B7)round every (E*)corner,
(F#m)They seem to (B7)smile and (E*)say,
(F#m)We don't (B7) care what your (G#m)name is boy,
(F#7)We'll never turn you a(B7*)way....

Verse 3 - again, use the intro riff throughout.

So I'll continue to say,
Here I always will stay,


So (E)ferry 'cross the (G#m)Mersey,
'Cause this (F#m)land's the place I (B7)love,
and here I'll (E)stay, (Bm7)(E)(Bm7)(Note; use the intro riff for the Em and B7 chords,
and continue it through the next two lines, ending on an E chord.)
and here I'll stay,
Here I'll stay.

OK, that's as close as I can get to the original....but what about an easier version, I hear you say? Well - I tried transposing it, best I could come up with was Capo on fourth fret, start with a C chord....anyway, you know what they say, when in doubt, ask someone who knows what they're doing - so I PM'd David. Here's what he had to say.....
Okay, first thing I usually do is line up the chords like they would appear in a particular key, not to mention adding the "nondiatonic" chords (chords from outside the key). So for Ferry, we'd have

E F#m (F#7) G#m B7 (Bm7)

Your transposing for C works fine

C Dm (D7) Em G7 (Gm7)

You can make a Gm7 as shown in the Nowhere Man lesson, by wrapping the thumb around to both get the note at the third fret and to mute the A string (3x3333) or use your suggested fingering. That certainly works.

Another thing would be to use the key of D with capo on the second fret:

D Em (E7) F#m A7 (Am7)

To make it easier, substitute F#m7 for F#m, using the same idea for the Gm7 above (202222).

Another possibility that would be easy but require a little more care would be not use a capo but use chords from the key of E that play on the open strings of the guitar, kind of like in the lesson on Melissa:

E - either regular (022100) or Emaj7 (057670) or (0x7670)
F#m - (044200) (technically F#m7add4/E)
F#7 (044300) (technically F#7add4/E)
G#m (066400) (technically G#m6)
B7 regular (x21202)
Bm7 regular (x20202)

I'm used to playing these shapes a lot as they make for interesting arpeggios when playing solo and sound especially nice on the twelve string, so I understand that they may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Thank you, kind sir, for that.....

As always, anything you're not sure of, feel free to ask questions.....

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

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Many thanks Vic,

Good job well presented

Hmmmmmm! see what you mean Vic, this is going to take some working on!

Sounds so easy when you are just listening to the song.

Anyway I'm looking at this in the office at work at the moment (naughty naughty me!) so no guitar to hand. There's some serious barre chord work here. I'm going to have a go at it though. It could be some time before I'm competent enough on this one to take a trip on that Mersey Ferry.

Good to see your collaboration with our resident guitar guru Mr Hodge has paid of well too Vic. Thank you David for supplying your thoughts on an easier version.

Back to work then for me,

All the best,


The guitar is all right John but you'll never make a living out of it! (John Lennon's Aunt Mimi)