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How to Disappear Completely by Radiohead

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Hi there, this is my first time contributing to the Easy Song forum, so hope you enjoy it.

I was trying to think of some of the easy songs I really love to play, and I came up with Radioheads 'How To Disappear Completely' from their album, 'Kid A'. It's one of my favorites from that album and a real joy to play, and, it's super easy!

Ok, so the real trick to making this song really come alive is that each chord in the song is coupled with a slight variation of itself, which you will play in the middle of each measure til the end of the measure, and you'll play each chord for two measures(it's very slow). If that doesn't make any sense to you, you can try watching the video below to try to get both the chords and rhythm right.

Thom Yorke plays this with a capo on the second fret, so if you want it to sound exactly the same or you want to play along with the video, if it sounds a little weird this is why. Otherwise it sounds great with or without the capo.

The variations on the chords are listed here in verse and chorus form.

C - Cadd9 (x32030) - C - Cadd9 (x32030) - Em - Em/B (022010) Em - Em/B (022010)

G - Gsus4 (320013) - G - Gsus4 (320013 - Em - Em/B (022010) - Em - Em/B (022010)

C (x32010)
Cadd9 (x32030)
Em (022000)
Em/B (022010)
G (320003)
Gsus4 (320013)
D (xx0232)
Dsus4 (xx0233)
Dsus2 (xx0230)

Main riff is


Intro C Em (X2)


(C)that day,(Em) that's not me,

(C)I've gone,(Em) where I please,

(C)I walk through walls,(Em)I float down the Liffey


I'm(G) not here, this(Em) isn't happening,

I'm (G)not here, I'm(Em) not here,


In a (C)little while,(Em) I'll be gone
The moments already passed, yeah it's gone


and (G)I'm not here,(Em) this isn't happening,
I'm not here, I'm not here,


(C)strobe lights and(Em) blown speakers
fireworks and hurricanes


I'm(G) not here, this(Em) isn't happening,

I'm(G) not here,

I'm not(Em) here, (Em)aaahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh


(Em)Whooooaaaaaaa(Em) (strings build)

(D) (strings drop)

Em Em (End)

Well, I hope that wasn't too confusing for some of you. If you chord variation thing starts to throw you off, just play the song without it for a while and practice the rhythm. Thom Yorke has always got some new rhythms to teach us. :D

Hope you enjoy it!


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Great song, thanks for posting this.

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No problem, Sam, glad you enjoyed it.