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Can some1 pls tell me the cords and the strumming pattern for lady by kenny rogers?

i tried to find it but just can't

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Here's an interpertation of Lady, I believe the song is in Dm, so whack a capo on the 3rd fret if you want it to sound right!
Happy Strumming! :)

(Bm)Lady I'm your (G)knight in shining armor and I (Bm)love,

You have (G)made me what I (A)am, and I am (Bm)yours.

(Bm)My love, there's so (G)many ways I (A)want to say I (Bm)love you,

Let me (G)hold you in my (A)arms for ever (Bm)more.

You have (G)gone and (F#m)made me such a fool, (G)I'm so lost (A)lost in (D)your love.

And (G)oh, we (F#m)belong together, (G)won't you be(A)lieve in my (B)song.

(Bm)Lady, for so (G)many years I (A)thought I'd never (Bm)find you,

You have (G)come into my (A)life and made me (Bm)whole.

Whatever, let me (G)wake to see you (A)each and every (Bm)morning,

Let me (G)hear you whisper (A)softly in my (Bm)ear.

In my (G)eyes I see (F#m)no one else but youâ?¦.(G)there's no (A)other love like (D)our love.

And (G)yes, oh yes I'll (F#m)always want you near me...(G)I've waited for (A)you for so (B)long.

G)Lady(A)your love's the (D)only love I need. (D7)

And (G)beside me (A)is where (D)I want you to be. (D7)

'Cause (G)my love (A)there's something (D)I want you to (Bm)know,

You're the (G)love of my life.(A).you're my (Bm)lady,

And I'm you (G)knight in shining (A)armor and I love (Bm)you.