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Mellissa-Allman Brothers Band

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Here's a great acoustic song from the Allman brothers band. Some of the chords aren't easy but it's worth it to practice them to play this. For the strum pattern, just use any easy going sixteenth note pattern you wish. Try to alternate between different patterns to keep the song interesting. This will give you good practice at playing solid rhythm. Try tapping your foot along so you can vary your patterns without losing the rhythm. The chords are held for whole measures except where the (1/2)'s are. For those parts you could play (1 and a 2 and a) for the first chords then (3 and a 4 and a) for the second chord so you would play Dduddu for the first then Dduddu for the second chord. For the chords, you will notice that all the versions of E are just about the came shape just moved around the frets a little bit. They will give you no problem but sound great

E 022100
E2 044200 (I'm not quite sure what this chord is called
Emaj7 066400
A x02220
C#m x46654 For easy version use xx6654
Bm x24432 For easy version use xx4432
D xx0232
F#m 244222 If this one gives you trouble try using you thumb for the base note
G#m 466444
Cmaj7 x32000
B x24442 for easy version use xx4442

Intro E E2 Emaj7 E2

Verse 1
E E2 Emaj7 E2
Crossroads, seem to come and go, yeah.
E E2
The gypsy flies from coast to coast
A(1/2) Bm(1/2) C#m(1/2) D (1/2)
Knowing many, loving none,
E(1/2) F#m(1/2) G#m(1/2) A (1/2)
Bearing sorrow havin' fun,
Cmaj7 B(Let ring if you want)
But back home he'll always run
E E2 Emaj7 E2
To sweet melissa... mmm...

Verse 2
E E2 Emaj7 E2
Freight train, each car looks the same, all the same.
E E2
And no one knows the gypsy's name
A(1/2) Bm(1/2) C#m(1/2) D (1/2)
No one hears his lonely sigh,
E(1/2) F#m(1/2) G#m (1/2) A(1/2)
There are no blankets where he lies.
Cmaj7 B
In all his deepest dreams the gypsy flies
E E2 Emaj7 E2
With sweet melissa... mmm...

Again the morning's come,
Again he's on the run,
Sunbeams shining through his hair,
Appearing not to have a care.
C#m A B
Well, pick up your gear and gypsy roll on, roll on.

Verse 3(same as other verses)
Crossroads, will you ever let him go? (lord, lord)
Will you hide the dead man's ghost,
Or will he lie, beneath the clay,
Or will his spirit roll away?
But i know that he won't stay without melissa.
Yes i know that he won't stay without melissa. (repeat intro)

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Great song....tried this tab, works OK for me....

The E2've got the root, 5th, b7th, 9th and 11th notes of the E scale, so it's an E11 (no 3rd)....I'd be tempted to label it E11, the third is kind of "understood".......or it could be an A6(add9), but because you're playing E shaped chords, I'd stick with E11....

Nice job!

:D :D :D


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