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How many other people started out learning Nirvana songs?

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David Bowie for me. Then lots of Beatles.

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I think helter skelter was first beatles song I learned like two years into playing. But starting out it was a lot of nirvana and neil young kind of stuff

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El circulo de Do. hahaha. I started in mexico.. If I remember it right it was C Am Dm G7

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First song I learned how to play was smells like teen spirit.
I still jam to it every now and then.

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A friend of mine was more likely to Nirvana once he started, but i think that's a personal preference only.

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I think the beginning of Come As You Are was the first well know lick I did, but I didn't learn the whole song.
I think I'll reserve the real work of learning a whole song for Hey Hey What Can I Do and Kashmir.

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