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Playing in front of others

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I have been watching and learning from this site for two years now. It is because of this site that after 30 years of not playing the guitar I went out and found an excellent teacher and have played everynight (or close to it) in the privacy of my basement. I have watched you encourage several people to play in front of others, saying that is the way to get better. Because of this I am playing tonight in front of 20 or so people, 1/2 of them I have never seen before. I feel pretty good about my guitar skills as far as the songs I will be playing, but I dont look at myself as a singer. I dont think I suck, but I dont think my voice will carry me very far. I think I need to get the people in the group singing, but I am not sure what to do if they dont. I have picked songs like Yellow Submarine and few other Beatle songs to start with. Are there certain songs that gets everyone singing? The group is 50yrs. old average. Thanks