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Playing Powerslave Album - 1. Aces High

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Hello friends! I tell many of my students that my beginnings with the guitar are summed up in me sitting in front of my home computer, putting themes and themes of Iron Maiden and taking out of my ear every nice guitar that I could distinguish. I didn't know about scales, or harmony, not even the notes I was playing, I simply limited myself to taking out everything I could, without sheet music, tabs, or videotutorials, just with what I heard through the PC's speakers. I got to spend so many hours doing this that I could eventually play Maiden records by heart.

After a few years I wanted to play again those songs that made me learn so much, so I decided to take all the guitars (solos, melodies and riffs) from one of my favorite albums, the Powerslave, and go Uploading a topic every Monday. In the end I will make a video playing the entire album if I can mount it and youtube leaves me (which is already putting a lot of hits lol).

Today I upload the first track of the album. The support is very much appreciated and shared. I hope you like it!