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Rosanne Cash- God I...
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Rosanne Cash- God Is In The Roses.

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This is a gem from Rosanne's 2006 album "Black Cadillac".

Go[A]d is in the ro[D]ses,
The pe[A]tals, and the th[D]orns.
St[A]orms out on the oc[D]eans
So[A]uls who will be bo[D]rn
A[A]nd every drop of rain that fa[D]lls
Fa[A]lls for those who mo[D]urn

G[A]od is in the ro[D]ses, and the tho[A]rns.

The s[A]un is on the ceme[D]tery
Le[A]aves are on the sto[D]nes
The[A]re never was a pl[D]ace on Ea[A]rth
That felt so much like ho[D]me

We[E]'re falling like the vel[D]vet petals,
We'[E]re bleeding and we're to[D]rn,
But G[A]od is in the ro[B7]ses, and the thorns.
[F#m] [D] x3

I[A] love you like a bro[D]ther
A[A] father and a so[D]n,
W[A]e may not last for[D]ever
B[A]ut it never will be do[D]ne
M[A]y whole world fits in[D]side the mo[A]ment
I saw you be re[D]born,
G[A]od is in the ro[D]ses,
A[A]nd that day was filled with ro[D]ses
G[A]od is in the ro[D]ses
A[A]nd the th[D]orns.

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