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Shakin' all over
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Shakin' all over

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I have decided that one of the songs we should cover is Shakin' all over by johnyy kidd and the pirates, partly because it is very easy and partly because it rocks. I have got the tab but I am having trouble finding the tab for the solo. Can anyone help? It has also been covered by the who if that's any help!

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Its on by the who - the solo's in there but you might need to mess around a bit to sort it out - the tabs a bit messy.

Good luck! Really funny actually, haven't heard this song in ages, and heard it on the radio coming to work this morning!


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Hi Nathan,

I have the whole song on powertab editor but the trouble is every time I post it on here it becomes illegible, even doing what the admins say by changing the font and and posting using code it turns to crap.

So if you send me a private message and leave your e.mail add I can send it on a HTML doc for you

Its the complete song including the solo, and powertab archives dont seem to have it anymore

Or you can download powertab editor (which is free) and I will send you the zipped powertab

how's that for service.

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the problem is that powertab is not a text format. There is no way that you can post powertabs on GN.

If you want to send the powertab file, then send it as an email attachment.

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Sorry I can't help with the solo but,I can give you some trivia

Shakin All Over was a hit for
Chad Allan and The Expressions 1965 in Canada

In brackets under the name was ( Guess Who)
Shortly after Burton Cumminings joined the group.

I always thought they did it first.

Now I would like to hear the original by Johnny K

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Here you,156
I must have been miss-typing their name

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