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Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, pls help!!!!!

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Can anyone help me out with this?

I know this a VERY simple version, but at the moment have all but the last two lines sounding pretty good, at least to the lady in my life! Most of the song is pretty straight forward but the last two lines I just cannot seem to get the rythm "just right". Think maybe I'm strumming too much - just do not know.......also if anyone can provide a link to learning a simplified version of the solo as well it'd be greatly appreciated - only have a couple weeks left to learn this one to play in front of a small crowd!! :roll:

Here's a take of the simplified version I've been working on.....

(G)its late in the (D) evening
(C)shes wondering what (D) clothes to wear
(G)she puts on her (D) makeup
(C)and brushes her (D) long blond hair
(C)and then she (D) asks me
(G)do i (D)look (Em) alright
(C)and i (D) say (G)yes
(D)you look (C) wonderful (D)tonight

Thanks in advance from a noobie! :o

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check out this site :
it has a sample of the strumming for wonderfull tonight,
(and lots of others)

hope this helps


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Hey your version is probably the best way to perform it solo on acoustic. I did this song in front of 300 people in my chem class just as you have it written. Its a good song to perform (and always a hit with the ladies :lol: )

I strummed it but it is an easy one to fingerpick also (I was afraid my hands would be shaking haha)

Id suggest just playing along to the recording of the song to get the timing and transitions down and then practice it alone.

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thought i'd resurrect this thread to say that i found a nice picking pattern for this song in a book. the chords listed above are correct, at least as far as this book is concerned. the picking pattern is: t, i, m, i, r, m, i, m. so in order of strings it's 6, 3, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 2.

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Hey Fishermann,

Instead of strumming throughout the last six chords, try fingerpicking or just strum each chord once to emphasize the words. When all fails, just keep it simple if possible.

There's no rule that you have to strum throughout a song.

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Hi mate

the fact is that the original song is played with arpeggios (excatly the one suggested by pearlthekat), so if you strum it it is not exactly the same. Anyway the song is based on eight notes so you could play it like this


or also

D/du/d/d (as suggested by Fender site)

Also try to use partial chords after the first strum (just strum the treble strings)