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Words Of Love - John Phillips

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"Words Of Love"
(John Phillips)


(snare drum roll w/brushes)

(tack piano)

E B/D# C#m Ab Eb
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /


Ab Gb
Words of love, so soft and tender
Cb Bb Eb
Won't win a girl's heart anymore
Ab Gb
If you love her then you must send her
Cb Bb
Somewhere where she's never been before


Abm Gb
Worn out phrases and longing gazes
Cb Bb A [2: single note] [N.C.]
Won't get you where you want to go [1: no!]

Chorus 1:

Ab Gb
Words of love, soft and tender
E Eb
Won't win her


Fm Bbm
You oughta know by now
Gb Eb
You oughta know, you oughta know by now

Chorus 2:

Ab Gb
Words of love, soft and tender
E Eb [N.C.] Ab
Won't win her anymore

[instrumental break over verse chords]

bass fill:

[N.C.] (Fm)
v v v v v

[repeat bridge]

[repeat verse]

[repeat pre-chorus]

[repeat chorus 1]


E Eb
Ab / / / / / /

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¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
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