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Guitar pick material

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I just want to clear up something that 440HZ wrote about carbon guitar picks. There are more than one type
of carbon pick. There are several manufactures that make a carbon fiber and plastic pick (several different
plastics) no one is using graphite fiber in any pick or instrument it is all Turbostratic and not graphite and
that includes Rainsong guitars. Some manfactures make carbon picks that is woven fiber and a binder to
make it stiff. There is also a solid carbon pick, diamond like carbon (isotropic covalent).

There are only a few of picks worth using none of them are under a $1.
(1) V pick, it is Acrilic $4-$5 each (claims good grip)
(2) Read Bear, They claim it is man made Tortoise shell $20 each
(3) Black diamond, medical carbon $30 each (claims to not wear) (claims good grip)
(4) Carbon fiber, $3-$4 each (plastic coated or woven)
(5) Blue Chip, made of a very expensive plastic $30-$40 each (claims to not wear)
(6) Ivory or Fossilized Ivory $12-$25 each (governments are killing the market)
(7) Tortoise Shell $23,000.00 fine in the US per sale

If you use a $00.49 pick with a $2000.00 - $10,000.00 guitar then you deserve to sound and play like you do period!!!!


Topic starter Posted : 25/07/2010 4:01 pm