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I Think I've let it slip too far

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I used to be a genuinely ordinary guitarist, but since I stopped practicing I've got a lot worse. I used to love it, and as long as I was enjoying it, it didn't seem to matter that I was a talent free zone. And the best thing was that lots of people can't tell that you're no good.
So I got a family and a job and a business and all manner of things, and for about 10 years I just didn't get to it. I didn't mean to stop, but I stopped. Then a little while ago I realised that some of the things that used to be sweetest about life just didn't happen anymore, and I decided to get a start. I've got another bike (Ducati if it counts), and I've decided to play again, but as at three weeks ago, I couldn't get the fingers to do anything.
So I dived in deep and started to manage a website about learning and promised to write a blog. And I borrowed an electric, given that I've always played acoustic, and I discovered youtube.
Anyway, it's begun, I'll see your 10 months and raise you another nine years. I've got further to come, but I'm practicing now and I'll be playing again before Christmas. Chances are I wont be able to get to your jam though.... Sorry.

Startagaining to find the joy in my guitar

Topic starter Posted : 15/08/2010 4:18 pm