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TuneByEar Guitar app

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I’m Jordi from Barcelona and I’ve developed an app for android you are maybe interested in.

It’s called “TuneByEar Guitar” and it’s not a tuner application. This app is for training yourself to tune a guitar by ear without using any tuner and be able to do that anytime anywhere, as you don’t need a guitar for using the app, since the guitar is integrated in the app.

As you open the app, first you will see a settings screen, there you adjust instrument type, mode, difficulty and tuning. And then, you get to the main activity. The main components are a fretboard and the upper part of a guitar headstock. For playing a note you just need to tap on the desired fret of a string, and for adjusting pitch of a string you'll have to tap and hold your finger on top of a machine head and then drag to the right or to the left to adjust that string pitch higher o lower respectively (you will notice the machine head rotates along your drag movement).

So it's about doing with the app, the same things that you use to do with your guitar. The app, for every new game, creates a random out of tune guitar (always keeping one string as a reference) and your goal is to try to get the guitar on tune by comparing strings notes pitch and adjusting machine heads.

When you think you got your guitar correctly tuned then you must tap the check button on the right bottom corner and it will show the result in different ways depending on difficulty set.

I wanted to share this app with you so you can give me some feedback using this post (or by this email [email protected] ). Any constructive opinion or suggestion for improving the app will be welcome. That’s also why I don’t explain in detail all the buttons or tools, I prefer you to discover by yourself so then you can tell which parts are not intuitive.

In fact, this is the first android application I develop, so it’s probable you find some bugs or errors.

The app is free, ad supported, it’s been so much hours of work…

Here it is the link for Google Play Store, soon available for iOS. Hope you like it and enjoy!