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Arranging My Pedals
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Arranging My Pedals

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Hey guys, I have a question about arranging my pedals so that i can get the max sound quality and usability. The current pedals that i own are(also how i currently have them arranged): (HERE)Vox Wah--Danelectro Fab Tone--Boss Tr-2 Tremelo--Digitech Wh-4 Whammy(with the true bypass & LED mod)--AKAI Headrush loop/echo(THERE). Now i know that the Headrush needs to be at the end of the line because when I use the loop, obviously i want all the other pedals to be included in that loop. But im just wondering about the rest of the pedals. Also I have a Rocktron Banshee Talkbox that i really dont use, and a MXR Phase-90 that is currently in repair(i have to replace the toggle switch). So if u could please just add those pedals into the suggested sequence of pedals, that would be great. Thank you guys!!! :D

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Some discussion in here:

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