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Danelectro Cool Cat Pedals

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Has anyone had experience with these pedals, or know someone who has? I am particularly interested in the fuzz and tremolo units at the time. I would probably buy their pedal board as well since it fits up to five pedals and has the power for them.


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Don't know if it's the Cool Cat range, but I picked up a Danelectro EQ (Fish and Chips) after Wes recommended it a few times on here, and I have been mightily impressed. I also grabbed a Rocky Road (Leslie speaker simulation) which is great for the price. imho, a Leslie sim will never sound/feel right...there's something about having that cab behind you moving that can't be replicated. Never thought I'd buy a sim pedal like that, but I couldn't resist for the price and, it does a good job. I tried it on Little Wing and it sounded very sweet, added to the tune nicely.

I imagine the rest of their pedals are of a similarly high quality for the bargain prices they retail at. And I've found nothing wrong with build quality so far; unless you have a penchant for jumping on your pedals from on top of a Marshall stack, I don't see why/how they could physically break.

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Yes, I own quite a few Danelectro pedals and have never had a problem quality wise with any of them. Some of my Dano's are well over 10 years old and all work fine without a single issue.

As far as sound, Dano is like every other brand I've tried, some are good, and some are great. Among Dano's most popular pedals are the Fish and Chips EQ which is excellent in my opinion, but also the Cool Cat Chorus has always gotten great reviews. The older FAB Overdrive is an exceptionally good pedal if you can find one. I also like their Tremelo pedal. I own several others which are not bad at all, but I wouldn't call them great. You can't really go wrong with Danelectro pedals as their prices are very reasonable and they will last unless you totally abuse them.

Some companies are overhyped and you pay more, but do not necessarily get a better pedal. Believe it or not, the pedals that I have experienced the most unwanted noise with are Boss pedals. They are built well, but seem to be noisier than many brands in my experience. So price and even reputation are not always true indicators of a pedal's quality.

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I own an original 18v Cool Cat Chorus DC-1. Great sounding pedal. Warm and lush chorus sounds, plus it looks cool too.


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I tried one which is very easy to use. Cool cat pedals help musicians to get the tone they need for guitar playing. Danelectro is something of a cult favorite among the musicians in the different parts of the world, a company responsible for dreaming up loads of good sounding, inexpensive gear with a distinct fifties flair. It is made to provide accessories to come up with a wonderful sound produced by these instruments.

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i have a problem with the dano chief's politics. i'd never buy one.