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Effects pecal doesn...
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Effects pecal doesn't seem to do much

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I bought a boss cs 3 compression sustainer off ebay yesterday. On the boss website, they have audio samples of certain settings. I did the same settings as the "thick sounds" setting on the website and mine sounds nowhere near what theirs sounds like. Is this because i have a 15 watt practice amp? I heard that you need to crank up the volume, so I maxed out the volume on my amp and it sounds kind of the same as playing without the pedal. The pedal works by the way.

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They probably used equipment that cost more than the house you live in to make that clip. I doubt you are gonna get those sounds with a 15w practice amp. :D

Compression is a subtle effect. It boosts quiet notes and cuts or attenuates loud notes to give a very even sound. Metal players like compression to give their playing a very even and flowing tone. A tapped note will not usually sound as loud as a picked note for instance, but heavy compression makes everything about the same volume.

A compressor does not really make a note sustain any longer at all. However, it will boost the decaying note making it seem longer.

Compressors are also used by many Country players with a clean tone to give a very even feel to their playing.

With high compression you get a kind of "click", like this song sample by the Cars. Listen to the clean rhythm guitar at the intro especially.

Here is a video on the Boss compressor you may find helpful.

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make sure the signal into the effect box is turned up high. the amount of volume on the amp is different.
compressors are pretty cool.
a lot of times, a little goes along way. both knobs interact with one another.
the first thing I notice all my strings become singular. the bass strings don't drown out the trebles.
I can hear all of them.and there is a pucka pucka to the sound. it's cool.
when i have an overdrive in the pedal chain then I get a lot more sustain.
and if i work a note I get overtones and cool harmonics.
when I turn dial way up my notes get squishy sounding. weird and also cool.

spend some more time with your pedal. your amp is fine for now.

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I seem to have the same problem.I bought an EH"Worm" that came with a DVD to demonstrate the different modes.If only I could make my set up sound as good! I think part of my problem is that my amp is a modeling amp (Peavey Vypyr) and the bypass on it isn't very good.If you're wondering why I bought an effects pedal when I have a modeling amp is because the Worm has a modulated Wah that sounds teriffic.

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you can use a modeling amp AND effects pedals. just set the amp on a type of amp and strip the effects on theat setting. then use your effects pedals for overdrive, distortion, wah, etc.
you should be able to great good sounds. your little amp can sound huge when everything is dialed right.
take notes on the settings so you won't forget the good ones.

remember, a little goes a long way. meaning...don't have all the Drive settings on Ten.