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Marshall 15DFX question!

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Hi there I play a with a Marshall 15DFX and a Fender Strat. Can anyone give me the proper settings for my amp to get that distinctive Jerry Garcia sound? I've been fooling around with it a bit but can't seem to get the signature sound. Any help will be great!


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A guitarist's sound is a combination of various factors - mostly in the wiggly bits at the end of his arm.

Whether you can achieve anything similar to Jerry Garcia is down to you experimenting until you're happy.

I suspect that, no matter what guitar/amp Jerry Garcia is given, he will still sound like Jerry Garcia. So it's not the gear that is going to make you sound like Jerry Garcia.

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The place to go where they will have an opinion on your question is but I think Greybeard's answer is pretty much dead on. Ignoring the effects that JG used in various songs. You are basically want to play clean and then use the the dynamics of your playing and the knobs and switches on your the guitar to find the tone.