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Marshall JVM vs TSL

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I am going to buy an amplifier but still, not sure which one matches my needs and preferences yet.
I play heavy metal and rhythms related to groove, hardcore, punk, thrash, grindcore, classic rock,etc. I would like an amplifier than can give me a good distortion sound, enough to make it without pedals.

I have heard the Mesa Boogie dual rectifier is good for hard rocking, but it is out of my price range. I hear a lot about the popularity of the JCM 800, but that one would certainly need pedals. So I am considering Marshalls JVM 205 OR 210, and a TSL60 (JCM 2000). The JVM has 2 channels: clean/crunch in one and overdrive. The TSL has 3: clean, crunch and lead. The JVM offers 3 different kinds of sound per channel and I believe you can program the footswitch. I don't know the possibilities of the TSL about this.

I am also concerned about what would be easier to carry...a 2x12"combo or a half-stack?, I am a girl and not always find a boy around to help.

Anyone can give me some light about amplifiers?