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My attenuator build...
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My attenuator build...LOTS OF PICS 56K BEWARE

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Hey all, I want to update this for the forum and google if it spiders this site.

The schematics for the line out circuit are incorrect. It will not hurt anything if you build it that way and actually may work just fine if your amp is pushing 200w and cranked. I'm using this on a 15w Blackheart and it simply could not supply the requiered signal. At first I dropped the 47k resistor to 22k and that helped but at lower volumes I still couldn't get the signal high enough. I then dropped it agian to 15k and with the amp cranked at max volume with a OD pedal I could finally put the signal in the red zone(barely). Still not happy I went back to Fry's Electronics and found a 2w 50k linear pot. I also bought a pack of 10k resistors just incase.

The pot did the trick. So If you decide to build this, replace that part of the circuit with a 50k 2w pot. I couldn't find an audio pot so I cannot tell you if it will make much of a difference.

I am going to finally start doing the recording that everyone has asked for now that I have a desktop computer running with the E-MU sound card again.

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do you have a better schematic for this....I dont really understand the one you posted

How did it work?

How much did it cost you to make?

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