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Need help with Nois...
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Need help with Noise Suppression pedal

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I recently purchased an ISP Decimator G-String noise reduction pedal for my pedalboard. Here is the way my pb is currently chained...

Volume Pedal -------->Tuner out

My amp has no effects loop, so all my pedals run in FRONT of my amp. I want to place the G-String in between my distortion and chorus...but I'm confused as to how to hook it up. There are three ports on the right side of the G-String pedal ("DEC IN, GUITAR IN, GUITAR OUT") and only one on the left side ("DEC OUT"). Do I take the cord from the distortion pedal (out) into the "DEC IN", or the "GUITAR IN"? Or do I go from the Volume pedal to the G String first? Then which one goes out, and to where?

I guess I just dont understand how to make the "loop"!! I read the included instructions, but I still dont get it.


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The loop on that pedal is for the units that you want to quiet down. If it was me, I would set it up like this: guitar --> volume pedal --> into guitar in on g-string --> from guitar out on g-string -->comp.-->phaser-->dist.-->OD-->into the dec in on the g-string-->from dec out on g-string-->chorus-->delay-->reverb-->into the amp.
this puts the compressor, phaser, distortion, and OD into the effects loop of the noise suppressor. The modulation effects (except for comp. and phase) come along after the suppression loop. This may or may not work to your liking. I left the actual order of your current pedal chain the way you have it now. You might change it around. Just experiment. Everything between guitar out and dec in is inside the noise suppressor loop. Guitar in is rather obvious, and dec out goes to (or towards) the amp. Good Luck!!! Let me know how it works out, I've been thinking about getting one of those pedals for a while. Admittedly, I'm quite happy with my MXR noise gate. Rock on!

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