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What exactly is the difference between an Od pedal, a boost pedal, and a fuzz pedal? I'm assuming that they are all similar because they "distort" the sound or overload the tubes. I've tried distortion pedals and a few overdrive pedals but there aren't any stores in town that sell a boost or fuzz.
The boost sounds as though it will increase volume but I've read online that there are clean and dirty boosts which leads me to believe that they are used like an overdrive pedal.

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No, they are not really the same.

An overdrive pedal is made to simulate the sound of an overdriven tube amp. It is not like a modern distortion, more like the sounds you heard back in the 60's and 70's.

Here is a sample of several overdrive pedals.

A boost pedal simply boosts the signal, volume particularly, for solos. They will push your preamp into more breakup, so almost like an overdrive pedal. But players looking for boost usually want to maintain a clean tone, but boost up the volume for a solo.

Here is a sample of a boost pedal.

A fuzz is an outright distortion pedal. This distortion comes from the pedal itself.

Here is a fuzz pedal.

Wanna hear some great fuzz, listen to some old Smashing Pumpkins like Rocket and Cherub Rock. Awesome

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explanations from a previous discussion:

(note that fuzz is considered a favor of distortion.)

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