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rocktron tsunami an...
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rocktron tsunami anyone?

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hey all.....

this is on musicians friend for $49 - seems to be a decent deal.

Here's my question. It says that it's 19 inches X 15 inches by 3 inches. This seems rather....large. Is this a typo or serious? That would be larger than many multieffects!

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I use a Tsunami. No, that's not correct on the size. The housing is just slightly over 6-1/2 inches wide, with just a tad more for the ends of the jack ferrules that stick out slightly. It's a great pedal. Very smooth & natural-sounding. The 'ambient delay' portion is helpful if you're using an amp with no reverb. The ambient delay does seem to add a bit more bottom. The chorus part is where it really shines, IMHO. Goes from subtle, barely noticeable to psychotic. You can get a very lush and analog-sounding effect from it. IMHO a great bargain.

I also use the Rocktron Austin Gold OD. Out of all the different Rocktron distortions & ODs, the Austin Gold is tops IMHO. Much like a TubeScreamer but without quite so much shrillness in the highs. Very balanced. The "Pre-Bass" control is *very* effective in keeping the lower notes and chords tight.

I've also become a big fan of the Rocktron "Short Timer" delay. Best-sounding delay I've heard for the $$ IMHO. I get a lot of guitarists that come up to me at gigs and compliment me on my tone and ask what FX pedals I'm using. When they see the Rocktrons, they're usually very surprised and more than a bit shocked.

These pedals have also gotten a beating being hauled around almost every weekend for many months now in the back of an open pickup truck bed in Michigan winter & blazing summer heat with the PA gear etc inside just a canvas EH pedal-bag, and I've had zero problems.

I know many players turn their noses up at the Rocktrons and prefer the boutique pedals, but at least with the ones I've mentioned, I think they're missing out on some very good-sounding and cheap pedals that are built quite well. No, I don't work for Rocktron or have any connections with them other than I've found these pedals I like and don't mind telling people about these "sleepers".