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Vox wah crackling?
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Vox wah crackling?

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I've been experiencing crackling sounds with my Vox wah (V847) pedal today and this only seems to happen when I roll the pedal back and forth while playing chords. If the pedal is left in any position all seems fine and I've tried changing the battery but to no avail.

I've also tested my amplifier on it's own and then with my Pandora effects unit and all seems fine. I must admit to not having used the Vox pedal for a good while prior to this day and I would guess the pedal is about six or seven years old now. Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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I believe the potentiometer might be the problem. If you're not familiar with electronics the potentiometer is basically a variable tuning knob, with your wah-wah it is what causes the change in tone when you move the pedal to different positions. Unfortunately, I've heard that this can be a common problem and sometimes it's not hard to fix other times it requires replacing the potentiometer altogether. Nevertheless, taking it to where you bought it (or to a place where you could get it repaired) would probably be the best option as they could probably fix it and tell you exactly what the problem is.


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You might also try cleaning the pot if you can, some types allow this better than others... Dust and grime on the conductive surfaces result in a crackle or drop-outs.

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I agree with sparx, the problem is most likely fine dust that gets in the pot. I have had this problem myself. You can spray a little contact cleaner in there, even "air in a can", the compressed air to clean keyboards will often help.

This will often happen if you do not use your wah for an extended time. Often the crackling will go away in a few days or week from regular use.

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