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hey all !!

It's been sometime since i last posted, i was hoping someone could help. My old zoom 505 broke recently and i had it replaced with the new zoom g2 pedal. I'm not big on pedals as i don;t play lead but i do use it occasionally. on the 505 i had my sound patches worked out and was happy with them, with the g2 im lost - totally. i'm looking for a good dist sound similair to ..and justice for all - which i had, but i just can't seem to get the g2 tuned up how i want.

has anybody here got this pedal and some advice ?

Thanks !


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Hi Minus,

I don't use overdriven/distorted tones usually but when I do I use the amp modellers. The Boss OD1 is also modelled. Probably you will need to invest some time checking those tones for selecting one for that song.

Here you will find some patches. There are some Metallica's patches, so they could be a good way to start to play the parameters.

Good luck!