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Design your own guitar

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I don't think this has been posted before (If it has, feel free to delete).

This is a site that allows you to design your own guitar with different colour schemes / pickups / control / bridge etc. You need 'Flash' installed.

NOTE: This is strictly for fun. It's not a 'design then order' company or anything like that.

1. Go to .If you get a pop-up asking to install a language just click cancel (it's not necessary).

2. Click on 'build your dream guitar KISEKAE Electric Guitars' section.

3. Read the Faq if you want or just click on any of the guitars beneath 'What's new'. It may take a while to load the guitar template if your on 56k like me.

4. Have fun designing a guitar that would bring the Guitar Gods themselves to their very knees in awe. :twisted: 8) :twisted:

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hey, its really cool i just designed my own Gibson LP Custom It looks really cool, thanks for putting that site up i recomend this to anyone who would in the future like to customise their own guitars :lol: :D

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Nice Website. It gets the GIT SNAKE BIT award for best site. :D :D :D :D :D

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I went through it for ages a while back and ended up with a black Les Paul with white trim. Nice to know that with all that choice I came up with something I can actually buy at some point :)

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Thanks for the link. That was very helpful and fun.


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I ended up with a black to red-orange to orange to gold-yellow sunburst Gibson LP with three gold humbuckers, a gold Floyd Rose, and Gibson Custom heastock, Gibson Custom cream binding, and pearloid pickguard.

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I remember that site. We all played around with it awhile back I designed a matched set of hot pink burst tele and strat

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