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[Sticky] rules of on-going games

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For those of us who are tuning in late, can someone re-post the rules of some of the games that are going on, where the original thread (the one with the rules) has been lost to the mists of time.
Like the various "association" games, "name" games and album covers, etc.

I've tried to figure them out from context, but I'm not having a lot of luck.

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That would be a good reference to have sticky'd. I hope I understand the association games, as those are the only ones I participate in ;) You just name a song or album that relates to the previous one - sometimes there's a word in common, sometimes a concept, etc.

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This is the 'rules' for the cover association. Hope to see you there :)

..just in case in this game you have to add a cover that should link in any way with the last cover previously posted....for instance you gave us some dogs..ok I could add another Dog in a cover..or add the 'Mad Dogs & Englishmen' cover.

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Guess the Riff ... and post another.

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Album Association and Song Association

Take a word or words from the previous post and use that word in the next post. For example, the song 'Fire and Rain' by James Taylor could either lead to 'Light My Fire' by the Doors or 'South Texas Rain' by Houston Marchman (or any other song that happens to apply).

Album Cover Association

Take either a word, phrase or something in the picture on the cover of the previous post and use that word, phrase, picture, in the next post.

Who Are You?

Someone gives the real name of someone famous that we know by another name. Give the name we know them by and add another real name.

Band Name Game

Take the last letter of the name of the previous band/artist and post a new band/artist that begins with that last letter. For example: BeatleS, ScorpionS, ShakirA, Atlanta Rhythm SectioN, Nitty Gritty Dirt BanD.....

The Lyric Game

The poster of the previous lyrics will list four words that the next poster HAS to use in his/her original lyrics.

Lyric Association

Someone posts lyrics from any song, you find a song that contains the same word(s)/sentiment and post those lyrics.

Guess The Lyric

Someone posts all or part of a lyric from any song that comes to their minds. Someone else guesses what song that lyric is from. The person who gets it right posts another lyric......

I think most of the others still had their rules!

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Guess the Riff ... and post another.

Yep, Guess That Riff, Guess that Chord, and Guess that Bass Line are all games where you try to guess the last riff, bass line or chord posted, and if you guess correctly you post the next riff, bass line or chord for everyone else to guess. Pretty simple. :D


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