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You *know* you're a...
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You *know* you're a guitarist when...

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You go on a camping holiday with the family for a fortnight and there was no room to pack a guitar.
You drive into the nearest town for some supplies on the first day and return with lots of foodstuffs and a battered old acoustic guitar bought for £12 from a charity shop :lol:

'Yes dear, I did notice that it only had three strings, I have a spare set and a tuner in the glovebox' :shock:

I still have the guitar (Strapped it to the top of the trailer for the drive home). I use it to practice repair/maintenance on.


There are too many songs that have an 'F' chord in them.

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Posts: 424 care more about getting the strumming pattern down on a new song than you do about howe much money you lost in the stock market.



"Growing Older But Not UP!"

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I know this forum is likes years old but i had to add a few...

You know you are a guitarist when..

You have a near heart-attack when your crazy friends ask to play your guitar.

You freak out if you notice the smallest dent in your guitar.

You have picks literately everywhere.

You never leave the house without a pick just on the off chance you run into a guitar.

People who play air guitar incorrectly drive you crazy.

Your friends think you're weird because you don't go anywhere without your guitar and when you can't bring it with you, you get depressed.

One of your worst nightmares is your guitar getting stolen.

When the only people who don't call you weird are your band members.

When you have to sleep on the couch because your precious guitars sleep on your bed.

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... when you blindly try and learn a bitch'n song, rather then looking up the notes online.

Danica Levy,
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... when you blindly try and learn a bitch'n song, rather then looking up the notes online.Yup. But I thought only guys did that. Like when we're driving: "Columbus didn't need directions, and neither do I." :lol:

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Hmm that is really interesting to read that as i am just learning how to play!

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