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Accidentally created..

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A hendrix chord in the lower frets

What was that chord called again? He uses that one in Purple Haze but in the 7th fret.

I'm pretty sure its the same chord cause they sound the same and because they have a G# and a G, and then the b7 and the root ( G# is the third ).

Ok the G# determines if its major or minor, but it also has a G so its kinda both, like an E5.

So now I can move this new shape I have found ( not created cause prolly somebody else had made it earlier xD ) all across the board to get that E 7/9# I think was the name of the chord, and if I put another finger on the 6th string like:


It'll be E7/9#/G <--- bass note ? O_O wow

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Actually, you never have both G and G# in the same chord - you have to call one or the other by a different name. That's done so music in standard notation will be clear.

Your chord is an E7#9: E-G#-B-D-Fx (pronounced "F double sharp). Since the 9th note of an E major scale is F#, a #9 in E will be F double-sharp.

Likewise, your second chord should be E7#9/Fx. But it's extremely unusual to put the altered 9th in the bass - so you won't find that chord in many tunes.

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