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Books on Music Theory

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Howdy Everyone!! I have been plying for a few years with the good old watch and learn theory, so now that I am waiting for the hand to heal up after the surgury, now would be a good time to learn music theory. Any suggestions on a good book to learn from?
Also.... if anyone has a good book that they are not using and would like to sell, drop me an email, I would like to talk ya out of it :D

Thanks in advance

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I think the best two books out there for a guitarist are our own Tom Serb's Music Theory For Guitarists in combination with the The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory.

Tom's book is short and an easy read, and is specifically tailored to the guitarist as the title suggests. If you've read his post here you already get a sense of his writting style. He's very understandable and masterful of conveying complex ideas simply.

However, due to the short length of the book, and some minor topic order issues, I've always thought that it's a great second book. In my view most people will be best served by something like the Idiot's guide as their starting point. It's a bit more thourough, and in my mind has a slightly better layout.

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I second The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory as being pretty good. After you get through that book you might want to check out the Fretboard Logic books for some applications to the guitar.

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ONe time I paid $90 for a 600 page book on music theory and the only thing I ever learned that helped was when a friend told me "if it sounds good to you thats all that matters"